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~Welcome To~


We are glad you decided to take a look at the New Face of Wealth In America

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Earn $300 this week from home inviting all your friends on Myspace, Facebook, Tagged, etc… to our Brand New Network!

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~Who We Are~

We are an Exciting Group of Online Friends from all Walks of Life and

from all Corners of the Globe on a Quest For Wealth.


~Our Powerful Mission~

To Create an Social Network with a net worth of $100,000,000 and

for Every Member of the NetWork to get paid 30 Days of the Month!


~Our Amazing Social Network Has All The Bells & Whistles~

Custom Page, Comments, Pics, Chat, Poke, Videos, Groups, Social Events, Music, Prizes, Birthday Announcements,

Recognition, Games, Luv, Gifts, Shopping, Free Group Talk lines, Travel


{{{Over 250 Games & Apps}}}


~100%~ ~Commission~

For every Premium Member you invite!


We Have More Fun, More Freedom, More Flexibility


More Cash Than Any Other Network!


Platinum Members have access to 100’s of Digital Products:

*Web based tools

*Get into the SEO and Pay per Click market

*Learn about Social Networks

*Broadband and Video is here now!

*Weekly web based training

*Resale rights

*Re-brand Rights Products

*Master Resale Rights Products

*Private Label Rights Products

*Full version software

*Niche Marketing

*Article Marketing

*Discount Pricing on Special Offers for our Members

*New Products Added Every Month

*Video Marketing & Education

*Audio Interview Library



Our Products are all Digital Products, which means you will never:

Ship or store products...

Be on a costly auto-ship yourself...

Harbor 100s of products in your garage...


And you keep 100% of the money your members pay!



~Self Starters See That Our Business Is So Simple~

You can make money just by following a few simple steps.

No pressure, quotas or deadlines to meet.

Just go it on your own by posting your link everywhere you can

and talking to people about Black~Platinum~Wealth!



Through our Global Program Support system, we support all Members with

our exclusive Power Training Videos and our

Weekly Orientation so you never have to learn the system alone.

We always have someone to support you every step of the way.

You actually join our program with a Workout Partner that knows they cannot succeed alone.


To have access to this Caliber of Support 24/7 would cost you Thousands of $$.

We include it in this program not for $1,995… $999… $499 not even $99.

You get the top support S.Y.S.T.E.M. for only $12.97/month!




~Comp Plans~

Work Hard And You Can’t Escape The BIG BUCKS!

*Our Comp Plans are Member-To-Member payments so you get paid instantly.

*You get paid Instantly through any payment processor of your choice!

*You will receive an avalanche of payments once you become

qualified and get your rhythm going in your business.



~How To Join~

We have 4 Levels of Entry and You Decide which one is Right for You!

(*The higher plans automatically qualify you for the lower plans.)




Students 18 & under

Start at this level if you are on a tight budget.

Get paid instantly while you are getting thing together in your life.

Then upgrade to a higher plan for even more profit.

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This is 500% more profitable than the P5 level and will take you to financial freedom in no time at all.

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This is for those of you who really see the success in your immediate future and are not willing to waste time playing around with those other programs. You want to start receiving $50 payments from new members right away!

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 (This level Includes All 4 Plans)

This is for the True Entrepreneur who sees the vision and knows that Failure is Not an Option!

This pays 2000% more than the P5.

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